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How to spend less your phone memory

Many users end up using and lighting up the memory of the handset, we need to know how we can save this matter which makes it easier when it comes to use our device.

To avoid the risk of running out of memory, be sure to record the moment you both wanted and to check out the tips on how to spend less wholesale cellphone memory.

Memory and battery are two factors that always concern to smartphone users hypercel. For when we least they are over. Check out these tips and put them into practice:

  • activate the battery-saving option, most devices have this functionality;
  • decrease the screen brightness;
  • decrease the sound;
  • replace the 3G wifi.

These are just a few tips that can be used to make the battery last longer. In short, there also ceases to move in over the device, it ends up making the battery last even less.

Fluctuations in voltage are enemies of the electric motor

Fluctuations in voltage are also enemies of the electric motor. When a drop in pressure that will result in limiting the flow of the magnetic circuit and this will make it significantly reduced losses in the current empty and also in iron.

Lest an excessive increase in slip is necessary that the combined electric motor exceeds the resistive torque. The electric motor torque occurs, because it is necessary that the function of the product occurs between the intensity of current absorbed with the flow and the flow dramatically reduces the intensity of current is considerably increased.

The effects that the increase in supply voltage will occur in the electric motor will be limited, since the load current increases while on the other hand, the load current will undergo a considerable reduction.

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What are the machines that use electric induction motor

An electric motor had from the start a simple construction can call induction motor, that because in its construction have a stator and a rotor that are assembled together, and inside them have a common axis, and a stainless steel shaft, both indispensable to its composition, the engines that are cited below are the most widely sold.

The most common types of induction motors are:

  • generator or induction motor with or without cage: this is the engine that is composed of material bars, and can be also called squirrel format engine that because the driver which turns the rotor plate assembly, are short-circuited and have metal rings at their ends.
  • induction generator with or without an Coiled machine: this type of engine it is noticeable that in this case the rotor windings compound of equipment, that these windings are distributed around the ring there are set the rotor plates.